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Studio Update: Moving!

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

In January I packed up my whole studio into a u-haul. I said goodbye to the downtown studio I shared with my lovely studio mate Daniel Rumbolt (we’ve been sharing one studio or another together since 2016) and, with help from my family, moved boxes and bins of panels, brushes, and heavy paint cans up over stairs and into my home.

Next, work began to transform the dark grey bedroom into a bright and happy studio. A layer of white paint went onto the walls and pegboards got installed for storage. Since I do a lot of collage work, an extra large cutting board was fitted to a custom table top to make it one big workspace.

To protect the floors and make it more comfortable to stand on, I decided to cover the floor with foam tiles (I got these). They worked perfectly and are easy to replace when things get messy.

I’m so happy with how the space turned out and I can’t wait to break it in with my next body of work!


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