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Someday Homes Fill My Dreams

It has been a dream of mine to publish a book and I am so excited for this collaboration with Trinity Bight Press! Someday Homes Fill My Dreams is 110 pages of artwork and poetic musings on the inspiration behind them.

A note from the publisher:

"Even though Emily Pittman has degrees in both Art and English, she thought of herself mostly as an artist, but when I asked her to write a few words about each of five of her paintings, what I read convinced me that she was as much a poet at heart as an artist. Her book, number three in the Trinity Bight Press Artists’ Series, makes it clear that the inspiration behind her painting is poetic in nature.

Last week, a tiny fragment of the public got its first look at Someday Homes Fill My Dreams: The Artwork and Poetry of Emily Pittman. The occasion was the opening of Emily’s show, Due Diligence at Christina Parker Gallery in St. John’s. We put out a special edition of twenty-five copies prior to the book’s publication date of October 1, and Emily was kept busy signing as admirers were struck by her art on the walls. Only after they got home would they have the same feeling about her poetry."

Order the book now in hardcover or paperback!


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