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Painting the HOLD FAST 2017 Mural

HOLD FAST Contemporary Arts Festival is a four-day long annual celebration of contemporary art in St. John's, NL. It is run by Eastern Edge Gallery, and is the longest running contemporary art festival in the province.

For HOLD FAST 2017, I was invited to paint a mural on the exterior of Eastern Edge. The wall was 11' x 28', the largest surface I've ever worked on! I was excited to get to work.

Once I had the design decided, I scaled it up to fit on the wall and mapped out where the shapes and angles would go.

When the time came to paint the wall, I had a few helpers! Since Eastern Edge is right on the harbour, it was fun watching the cruise ships come in. A few people waved down at me from the balconies while I was working!

After five days of hard work, the mural was done! I had so much fun planning and painting something so large and getting to see my work on the side of a building. I also loved being a part of a festival I love run by a gallery I love! It was a wonderful experience.


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