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Close To Home: An Exhibition at English Harbour Arts Centre

This summer I had the opportunity to exhibit my work at English Harbour Arts Centre. This exhibition was extra special for me because it played a significant role in my art education as a young and hopeful teen (read more about this here).

I was also lucky enough to gain experience running an art centre working as summer manager of EHAC during my art school years, a summer that caused me to fall in love with the beautiful little community.

Now, returning as an artist and for my own solo exhibition was an extremely powerful reminder of how far I’ve come and how much I have to be proud of.

My dad and sister helped me install my work in the beautiful space (a restored Anglican church that is now the art centre). The walls are crooked and the floor uneven, making hanging the work tricky but added so much charm to the final appearance of the show.

Opening day was full of familiar faces, local art lovers, and freshly picked flowers.

It was so wonderful to see a place I think of so fondly, that is so often full of music and learning, with my work hanging on the walls.

See more images of this exhibition here.


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