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Bare Mountain Coffee House Mural

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

In my home town of Clarenville, NL, an incredible local business has started up this year. Bare Mountain Coffee House has transformed an old house into a hub of delicious food, drinks, and community.

At the beginning of the renovation, I was asked to design a mural for the dining room. To create a tribute to the original home, I started with images of structure before renovations for my inspiration.

I designed the work using Adobe Illustrator, which allowed me to make a to-scale template for the final work.

Since I had only three days at home in Clarenville to dedicate to the mural, I sped up the process by printing the design at scale and applying it to the wall as a guide. It was a very low tech solution but it definitely worked!

Once the placement was complete, the painting could begin!

The walls are the brick from the outside of the original home, making a beautiful final result but a tricky painting surface! Again, to speed up the process I had a few helpers (my partner Kieran on the left and my parents on the right).

The finished mural looks great in the space (and it looks even better with the gorgeous furniture they chose and the smell of brewing coffee!).

Photos taken by Joanne Spurrell
Photos taken by Joanne Spurrell

But really, can anything compete with this incredible view?


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